Our osteopaths can help you ease joint pain, muscular problems, migraines and other headaches, sleeping disorders, ENT troubles such as sinusitis or otitis, jaw disorder, digestive troubles, urinary or gynaecological system troubles and can also ease the discal, cervical, dorsal or lumbar hernia.

Osteopathy is an unconventional therapeutic approach that relies on the idea that manual manipulations of the skeletal-muscular and myofascial systems enable to ease certain functional troubles.

Created June 22nd 1874 by American doctor Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), osteopathy is based on manual techniques aiming for the conservation or restoration of the mobility of the different structures of the organism. Therapeutic method with preventive and curative goals, it is based on the idea that any natural loss of mobility from the organs to one another appears at the muscular level, the tendons, the viscera, the skull or the envelopes (fascia) and induces dysfunctionality.

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