Concussion Management

  • NeuroFitness is effective for treating the visual, cognitive and physical impairments resulting from brain injury. It’s also a comprehensive tool for concussion management.
  • Numerous programmable options facilitate individualized training programs.
  • Performance data is quantitative and objective for accurate baseline testing, progress monitoring and return decision making.
  • The symptoms associated with concussion vary by individual; however the collective needs of those recovering from brain injury are similar in many ways.

We have a baseline test to take objective measurements of cognitive functions. This test has been used in the U.S. for the past 25 years.

We are proud to be the only ones in Quebec to have the CIC Impact Test licence. Come and try a session with us!

We also have the benefit in addition to the cognitive training of offering cranial osteopathy treatments from highly qualified osteopaths and members of Osteopathy Quebec.

We offer precise evaluation to determine which area of the Brain is being affected after head trauma and propose a treatment based on your needs. Every head trauma is different.

ImPACT Is The First Concussion-Specific Medical Device to Receive FDA Clearance

ImPACT, the most widely-used and most scientifically-validated computerized neurocognitive concussion management tool available, is the first medical device of its kind to receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) de novo clearance.

FDA clearance has been granted under Computerized Cognitive Assessment Aid for Concussion, a new category for a device that uses an individual’s score(s) on a battery of cognitive tasks to provide an indication of the current level of cognitive function in response to concussion.

FDA de novo clearance signifies ImPACT has met the FDA’s premarket requirements to demonstrate accuracy, validity, and reliability for concussion management and specifically states that ImPACT will “aid in the assessment and management of concussion.”

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