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Dr. Faubert, a Professor at the University of Montreal, is a pioneering researcher in the fields of perception, cognition and psychophysics and are continually advancing the science of human cognitive performance. The scientists behind NeuroTracker are continually driving new discoveries in human motion perception, neuro stimulation, training and rehabilitation.

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NeuroTracker Provides a Stimulating and Compelling Environment for Concentration Activity

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a major challenge for many students.

NeuroTracker provides a stimulating game-like environment that has been used in schools to increase students’ attention spans. Users train in short bursts of six to eight seconds in a private setting, away from any judgment. NeuroTracker holds users’ interest by adjusting the level of difficulty of each exercise.

Students enjoy the immediate satisfaction of seeing their progress at the end of each session.

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