The private hospitals of Physio Balance offer you a variety of treatment techniques that can help you prevent, heal and eliminate all skeletal – muscular troubles.

Physiotherapy is the heir of very ancient techniques, but also a beneficiary of scientific innovations at the same time.

In addition to its function as a healer, the physiotherapist is naturally concerned with disease prevention. This preventive aspect is not dependant of medical prescription, because the physiotherapist is able to provide recommendations and treatments with the following goals in mind:

  • Improve and maintain a good physical form
  • Resolve ergonomical problems
  • Delay functional impotencies linked to aging
  • Specifically prepare to the practice of different sports
  • Improve postural education during school time or any other activity


In Quebec, two types oftherapists can practicephysiotherapy: thephysiotherapist and the therapist in physical readaptation (TPR). The termphysiotherapist being legally reserved to those who are members of the Professional order of physiotherapy in Quebec.

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